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Interior Decor | Design :

Bernard Burger: +27 (0)83 266 3379


Landscaping | Water Features :

Jean Bax De Keating: +27 (0)82 412 7740



Physical Address

No. 65, 14th Street, Parkmore, 2196




Baxburg, with a combined 40-year track record of excellence in interior and landscape design, has expanded its portfolio of services to pioneer South Africa’s first fully integrated interior-landscape design service for residential clients and developers. In line with Interior Designers South Africa, Baxburg desires to expand living spaces from inside to outside. Baxburg draws on its extensive experience designing the estates and homes of South Africa’s elite, to take high-end custom design and finishes to new levels and new markets.

Contact Details

Physical Address:

No. 65, 14th Street, Parkmore, 2196

Bernard Burger:

+27 (0)83 266 3379

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