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The close collaboration between Interior Design Experts Baxburg and J Bax de Keating Landscapes brings unparalleled opportunities for homeowners and developers alike to create bespoke living spaces that invite movement between interior and exterior. Landscapes flow beautifully from interiors, creating open, integrated lifestyle spaces perfectly suited to the homeowner’s unique style. Through its consultation service for developers, Baxburg is able to echo the opulent look it crafts for the most exclusive estates and homes in Gauteng. Baxburg interior design experts are featured throughout various African countries and Europe, to add value and style to new residential developments.

The Approach

Baxburg’s interior design and landscaping experts consult extensively with the client, ensuring they fully understand the vision and lifestyle their designs must accommodate. Lifestyle spaces may change and evolve over the years, they believe, making the basics of classical opulence a crucial starting point. In line with Baxburg’s focus on style and craftsmanship, the design vision may be presented in beautiful, hand painted format, and a long-term plan for ongoing enhancements may be drafted. Striving to make each interior a unique realisation of its owner’s vision, interior decorator Bernard Burger seeks out the finest pieces and oversees the creation of custom soft furnishings and décor touches. His interiors, hailed by the likes of Top Billing, Conde Nast and The Star, have made him a firm favourite of a broad range of high profile clients, who draw on his exquisite taste time and again, even when they move abroad. Working closely with Bernard, Jean Bax de Keating creates landscapes that flow from the interior, perfectly complementing the home when viewed through windows and extending living areas outdoors. No detail is overlooked, whether the design is for a private home or a large residential estate, for a tropical idyll or a contemporary outdoor space. 

Interior Design Projects


Here we have the first look from our new interior design projects based in Illovo Johannesburg. Browse through the galleries to see the effects you can have in your home!


Baxburg, with a combined 40-year track record of excellence in interior and landscape design, has expanded its portfolio of services to pioneer South Africa’s first fully integrated interior-landscape design service for residential clients and developers. In line with Interior Designers South Africa, Baxburg desires to expand living spaces from inside to outside. Baxburg draws on its extensive experience designing the estates and homes of South Africa’s elite, to take high-end custom design and finishes to new levels and new markets.

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